Private Residence|Brooklyn

"Debora totally transformed my apartment in a few days -- it literally felt like magic!  Particularly great for my situation was the fact that she did it without my needing to buy much new stuff at all.   She mostly took exactly what I already had and made it look about 8 million times prettier, cleaner, and more organized.  Going through my belongings, she helped me see what I could let go of -- and was very good natured and understanding when I resisted this process!  I almost always came around to her point of view, it should be noted, but she also was totally cool and got it when I needed to keep something... Debora made my furniture and belongings look beautiful and magical in my apartment.   The reorganization of my closet and drawers feels like a total miracle... not only does it look about 800 times better than before, I actually can see what I have now and therefore enjoy my clothes more.  She saw potential I could not in the furniture and layout of my apartment and made simple changes that had dramatic effect.    She had an intuitive sense of my style and always respected it -- I never felt shaped in a way that felt incongruous. Debora also worked her magic with my 9-year-old daughter in her room... she made things happen that I never could have on my own... I LOVE my apartment so much now and feel so much happier in it since she helped me.  Oh and also: she was hilarious throughout the process.  Highly highly recommend."   -A.P.

Private Residence|NYC

"Because of Debora's help --she transformed my apartment into a HOME that reflected the essence of my personality in ways that I couldn't identify. Because of the beautification and organization, I instantly felt more focused, energetic and confident. Immediately following the transformation, major shifts started happening in my career and personal life. It's also great that, in most cases, she is able to use what I have already. She is highly intuitive and a design genius! By beautifully transforming my surroundings, I experienced a greater sense of self-worth and dignity. I am forever grateful and blessed to have met Debora!"  -R.O.

Wellness Studio|Brooklyn

"I'm a fanatic about my space, keeping it tidy and beautiful is important to me - but often I don't know exactly how to place furniture or decor to make it look right. I often have a half baked idea about what I want to do with a room, like I know how I want it to function - but how to get the form to look right I'm always unsure. Debora is incredibly helpful because she has an almost instant sense of what elements of a room would look good together and how things should be arranged, in the same way that a food lover instantly knows exactly what restaurants are not only good - but which ones you specifically would love. I think Debora's design support is like that. Her sense of where things should go to function and look beautiful are clearly inborn and she keeps in mind your personal sense of style so that the end result still feels like you, but better. She also has great ideas of how to repurpose items you already own to look and function in whole new ways - so that you don't really need a lot of new items necessarily. And she's a database of good furniture and decor resources - which is major because that is half the battle; knowing where to find what. She knows where to find the deals and what is reasonable cost, but looks expensive - and/or works so perfectly in the design scheme that it looks high end, even if it didn't have a luxury price tag. Her help with clutter clearing and organization is so worth it, because that kind of work is so overwhelming that it helps to have a second person there helping you see the end goal and egging you on to keep going when you just can't look at another bin of things you never use."  -S.L.

Billet & Bellows Bar|Brooklyn

"Debora has her eye and pulse on trending styles and aesthetics .. If she can't find the right piece exactly for your space .. whether size or color .. she can find artisans to make the perfect unique object. For example, she found a distressed mirror and upcycled it and made it into a table top .. with a hand made steel base she hired an artisan to make. She's super creative!! She knows the best vendors and can source the most unique pieces. I love having her carefully thought out design in my space!"  -K.K. 

Private Residence|Brooklyn

"Debora can see the potential in ANY SPACE!  I was especially taken with her ability to solve problems with creativity and instinct rather than sending me out to buy more stuff.  We moved curtains, shelves, bookcases, rugs, everything.  She’s like Mary Poppins with a power drill! I was amazed and totally thrilled by what she was able to see in my apartment.  And I had a blast!"  -A.B.

"I moved into a shell of an office space and had an architect tell me not to use any colors and only use beige!!  I could not believe it.  I then hired Debora.  She is amazing.  After she designed and decorated my office I invited her into my house.  She made it a home.  The best quality about Debora is that she listens to what you want.  You can give her very little input and let her do all the work or show her 100 photos of what you want.  She coordinates everything extremely well.  To sum up Debora:  I showed her a small table lamp and asked her if she liked it.  She said "it doesn't matter if I like it.  If you love it, we keep it and we make it important in this room."  Debora listens and then produces amazing results. She is amazing."  -D.D.

Private Residence + Office|Ontario,CA

Private Residence|NYC

"Want to change your life in one day? Call Debora and have her do a Simplify + Style session in your home. Not only is she a delight to work with, she’s incredibly patient and truly listens to your hopes & dreams for what you’d like to achieve. I was blown away at how much space she was able to create after we cleared away clutter and edited belongings that no longer served me or the apartment (it was painless, I promise). Afterwards, she started to work her styling magic and completely transformed my apartment into a home that I was truly proud of. It was all very effortless, empowering and enjoyable. When I later decided to sell my apartment, I booked her for another session to stage the apartment for realtor photos. I truly believe her staging helped sell my apartment quickly, as she made it look and feel like a home you’d truly be proud to own." -K.M.