Decor Services

I specialize in mixing eclectic styles to create thoughtful, inspiring interiors. I have a passion for helping clients discover how a well-designed and organized home or office can produce a sense of openness and well-being.

My services include Simplify + Style and Full-Service Decor, as well as individually-tailored packages and consultations. I take great pleasure in learning from you: your tastes, your vision, how you inhabit your surroundings. There are no rules.  Anything we imagine together can be realized. 


Simplify + Style Session

Using only what you already own, I will declutter, reorganize, and redesign your space. The result will be a lighter, more functional environment that feels surprisingly new.  Your reimagined home or office will more effectively serve its purpose and convey a sense of ease.  

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Full Service Decor Package

From furniture to textiles; from lighting to artwork; I will envision and invent your environment.  Tailoring my work to your lifestyle, daily rhythms, and tastes, I will source thoughtfully-chosen furnishings and objects.  Visualizing a new sense of space is my passion: the possibilities for transformation are endless.